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Organic Dairy Product
Organic Dairy Products are available in different sizes of packagings. These are used in homes, restaurants, hotels and other places for making numerous kinds of mouthwatering dishes.
Whole Grain Flour
Whole Grain Flours are used for making various food items such as cookies, chapatis, breads, biscuits and many more. These are highly acclaimed for their high nutritional values and purity.
Indian Pulses
Indian Pulses are free from adulterants and processed under favorable conditions. These are widely consumed on a daily basis due to their high nutritional values which include protein, vitamins and minerals.
Organic Food Grain
Organic Food Grains are known for their high nutritional values. These are extensively consumed and easy to digest. Our offered products are packed in different sizes of packagings.

Natural Honey
Buy natural honey and use this sweet syrup in baking and several other purposes. The golden brown color syrup can also be used as a natural sweetener in tea and desserts.
Spice Powder
Spice Powders are utilized for cooking purpose in homes, hotels, canteens, cafes and other places. Along with providing a good texture to the gravies, these are also good for health in different ways.
Organic Spices Seeds
Organic Spices Seeds are widely acclaimed for their high nutritional level and anti-inflammatory properties. These are used for preparing various dishes, cuisines and food items. Can be availed in different packets.
Frozen Vegetables
Shanta Tradexim Private Limited can be contacted to fulfil the requirement for frozen vegetables. Freezing can maintain the freshness and retain the nutritional value of the vegetables.
Organic Moringa Powder
In the range of herbal & botanical products, we currently have organic moringa powder. This powder is made from moringa leaves that are a rich source of fiber and have anti-inflammatory properties.